How do you create wealth with gold?

A great deal of investors see gold solely as a way to protect the value of their dollar or to hedge against a market crash. These are not the only advantages gold provides.

  • Throughout history the value of gold has been observed and from this, we have learned what affects its value
  • Knowing what affects gold can allow you to make educated decisions on what is the highest probability to succeed
  • Market analysis can help you understand what is happening with gold both today and in the future
  • Learn to get the most mileage from your gold and the possible tax benefits you may receive


What fundamental events happening today should you look for when purchasing gold? 
  • US - China trade war. The current trade war between President Donald Trump and China has been seen as an influential factor to the growth in the value of gold.
  • Geopolitical tensions. During wars and after terrorist attacks gold prices have the potential to rise significantly. In this time of political unrest we could see gold prices rise in the future.
  • Geopolitical tensions. During wars and after terrorist attacks gold prices have the potential to rise significantly.
  • Stock market is currently on a bull-run that has lasted for 12 years. This is one of the longest bull-markets in history.

Stay up to date with market analysis

Blackstone Commodity Group differs from other companies because we provide a sophisticated approach to buying and selling by offering a way to purchase gold at competitive value but also providing up to date market analysis and notice of important events so you may take actionable steps.

  • Blackstone Commodity Group is here for you whenever you may want to buy or sell your gold.
  • Find out when the best time to purchase and sell with the highest probability of returns.
  • Multi-media approach: Market analysis through webinars, videos, and one-on-one coaching.


It’s all about timing. Educating clients through live presentations as financial markets around the world begin to move.


Utilizing over 15 years of market experience and working with one of the leading IRA providers in the nation we help you to diversify and protect your portfolio. 


Build a well-diversified portfolio that is designed to weather any political and economic environment while achieving long-term growth.

One-On-One Coaching

Get actionable information and analysis first hand

Is Gold Good For My Retirement?

  • Gold can be a secure investment as it has always had value and holds value worldwide
  • Gold is an effective diversifier as its value increases as other markets decline such as the stock market, US dollar, and real estate
  • Funds from your IRA or 401k can be moved into a precious metals IRA to purchase gold and may allow you to keep the tax advantaged status of these accounts


  • A self-directed IRA is an IRA account that allows you to invest your retirement funds into alternative investments outside of the typical stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs.
  • You may receive the same tax benefits and advantages of your IRA or 401k, but you also get the added benefit of investment diversification by being able to invest in alternative assets including gold.
  • You are able to roll over from an IRA to a self-directed IRA without any taxes or penalties

Blackstone Commodity Group helps clients pursue alternative investments utilizing their IRA’s. We work with one of the leading IRA providers in the nation that allows alternative investments to be placed within retirement accounts through a self-directed IRA.

Diversification & Substantial Growth Potential

As we have seen time and time again, market volatility due to fundamental events in the markets and government can lead to significant losses unless you prepare with investments in more than one area. Diversification allows for stability since you will have money in multiple markets.

Blackstone Commodity Group not only provides a way for you to purchase gold at at a competitive value, but also provides up to date market analysis and notice of important events so that you may make actionable steps with purchasing and selling gold.


  • Learn to get the most benefit from precious metals.
  • Keep up to date on fundamental events that will effect the market.
  • Make decisions that have the highest probability to lead to money.
  • Generate wealth and protect assets with precious metals.

Buying gold is part of a portfolio diversification strategy recommended by many experts as a hedge against inflation, stagflation and recession in times of uncertainty.