Featuring Mukarram Mawjood, CIO

We believe that the single most important power one can have is the power to create money. Not earn money via working long hours building someone else’s company or dream, but creating money through intellectual and simple mathematical analysis of the markets with proven and precise methods. If you were to ask the next 10 people you meet if they would be interested in the power to create money, I can guarantee that almost all, if not all, will say yes. But how to create money is the trick, and we can teach you this talent.

I think a lot of people today think of retirement as maintaining your wealth after you stop working so you do not run out before your time has come and you have wealth to pass on. Once you are retired you need to find a new source of wealth since your income stream will have most likely changed. A question retiree’s will ask themselves is,”How long will my retirement money last; and will it be enough to maintain the lifestyle I want?” These types of questions can be answered by thinking of “how do you make money in retirement?” or “how do you use your retirement to bring in passive income?”

I feel that when people choose where they invest their money they look for the highest return with the most security and tax advantages. New types of investments that are created can have high benefits but can offer risks. One of these new types of investments is called an opportunity zone. This area of investment is new but offers many benefits, so let us discuss what is an opportunity zone?

I feel most people looking for investments are trying to create income for retirement or maintain their retirement funds. There are many types of investments you can put your funds toward to create income. The common types of investments are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs; but there are many alternative types as well. One type of alternative investment is in oil. 

I feel that when most people think of investments, they think of assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs. However, there are other kinds of investments you can do. So this brings the question, “what are alternative investments?”