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Sri Lanka

Nothing is quite as breathtaking as the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka. From the amazing and beautiful city of Colombo, where you can be both on the beach and a short walk from your work life, to the beautiful rolling hills containing vast tea leaf farms you will never find yourself with a lack of amazement for this country.

Today Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing economies in the world; Sri Lanka’s economy emerged on the international marketplace as a plantation economy, exporting rubber, cinnamon and tea in the 19th century. It is a hot spot for business both in Asia and globally and because of this Blackstone Holdings, just like Thailand, has set up strategic relations and even amenities for businesses and clients.

Blackstone Holdings

Blackstone Villa

Do you often feel encumbered or stressful when doing business overseas or putting on events for particularly important clientele? Blackstone Villa, a beautiful Villa set in Colombo, Sri Lanka, was envisioned and developed to bring a professional tranquility to your event or work environment. Bringing to the tables amenities such as privacy, the importance of correct lighting, and even a pool for when you want to relax.

Blackstone Villa is a resource to be used in a way that provides the user, whether it be a business, travelling professional, or just being used for vacation because the experience provided, with a way to enjoy Sri Lanka that is unparalleled. Blackstone Holdings is diligent in ensuring that a extraordinary experience is had by every individual that stays at Blackstone Villa.

Blackstone Holdings


Thailand has a beautiful, welcoming culture. Whether a traveling professional or just taking a vacation, Thailand offers unparalleled conditions to enjoy your time in the country. Accommodations in Thailand will fulfill even the most exquisite of tastes from breathtaking views to amenities sought after when away from home. 

As a travelling professional we often find it just as important the destination, or location, in which we are doing the work as important as the work itself. It is because of this Blackstone Holdings conducts business in Thailand and offers amenities and services to businesses and professionals as well. By developing strategic relationships overseas as well as in the United States we are able to increase our global presence and better provide for our partners and clients.


Stop being hindered by inconvenient locations, slow staff and support, and a lack of amenities. As we have traveled and done business globally we have developed the experience to provide what is necessary for you to save time and utilize more of it for yourself.  


As a travelling professional we often get locked down by a busy work schedule and the inconvenience of having no amenities provided by hotels and other services. This is solved by the experience and services provided by Blackstone Holdings.


Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Blackstone Villa all provide a nostalgic feeling of peace and clarity from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. We believe the environment you live and/or work is a key part to your well being and effectiveness. 


Often, in order to move past a block in creativity, we simply need to surround ourselves with the creativity of the world around us. There is not much a better place to do so than Blackstone Holdings in Asia.


Sri Lanka, and other places in Asia, have become hot spots for global trade and rapid growing business. You can now stay close to the action and still enjoy the experience that is Blackstone Holdings, Asia.


Blackstone Holdings is dedicated to the best service and experience we can provide to our partners and clients. We utilize our experience and strategic relationships to bring services that many others can not provide.