The Power of an Opportunity Zone, Proprietary Technology and Proven Royalty Program. Publicly traded company VIVK. Learn More OTC: VIVK


It’s all about timing. Educating clients through live presentations as financial markets around the world begin to move.


Utilizing over 15 years of market experience and working with one of the leading IRA providers in the nation we help you to diversify and protect your portfolio. 


Build a well-diversified portfolio that is designed to weather any political and economic environment while achieving long-term growth.

Vivakor, Inc (VIVK)

Clean Technology & Remediation Processing
Vivakor (VIVK) Team

Vivakor Project

Vivakor, Inc. (VIVK), formed in March 2008, is a technology and asset acquisition company. Our focus is in the area of natural resources.

Vivakor Office Reception

Vivakor Videos

A look inside Vivakor’s headquarters in Irvine, CA and project site tours.

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Vivakor Letters of Support

Read Vivakor’s Letter’s of Support from credible sources in the community.

Blackstone Commodity Group

The importance of strategic relationships

Why strategic relationships? Or why would we put so much focus on strategic relationships? Because, it brings the best of both worlds; what we know and what they know are now at our disposal. This way, there is no wasted time or wasted resources while trying to accomplish something greater. You are actually leveraging each other’s best skill sets, talents, and resources. And, what we have noticed is by working together, and having a strategic relationship, we can contribute to the success of the company, greatly increase their performance, and reduce the time it takes to become successful. 

About Us

Mukarram Mawjood | CIO

Blackstone Commodity Group has been involved in commodities and other alternative investments for a significant period of time. The leadership of the company has more than 15 years of experience trading the global markets. During which time we have been fortunate enough to experience many investment climates and cycles. We have witnessed and taken part in the great oil bull market that took crude oil to above $140 a barrel in 2008 and then the subsequent plunge in oil prices. We have gone through the impressive bull market in gold and silver from 2009-2011 and its correction in price, and also witnessed the harrowing crash in the stock market in 2008. 

This diverse market experience has allowed us to help clients gain the proper perspective of market cycles and navigate them on how they can protect their assets and prepare for significant opportunities during the major turning points in the markets.

Our goal is to utilize our strategic relationships and market knowledge to help enhance and grow the companies we are working with.

Mukarram MawjoodCIO of Blackstone Commodity Group

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